• Mother’s Day

    To all those who are celebrating today, happy Mother’s Day. To the first time mothers who feel like they don’t know what they are doing. To the long time mothers who still feel like they’re guessing. To the mothers who are no longer with us and we keep in our hearts every single day. To the mothers who never met their angels and spend the day imagining what life would have been like with them present. To the mothers who have had to say goodbye. To the mothers who may not have given birth to us, but have always been there to love, guide and support us. To anyone who has taken on the role of a mother in the non traditional sense, including all the single fathers. Today, we celebrate you. We see you. We Love you unconditionally. We forever hold a place in our hearts for you. Thank you for being you.歹

  • 2/2/22

    Today is 2/2/22,
    And you are doing good and keep doing. Keep thinking what you have now and how to work with it not what could be or would be. Everything happens for a reason and so will.
    Just go with the flow…

  • Changes

    So winters have already arrived here, and how. For now, the temp drops down 5簞 and more, but we are all living here and living well. The spirit of survival and trying to make the best of everything available is beautiful. It comes out amazingly in odd times, times when we have to stick around for and with each other. The winter is going to get bitter and colder but our hearts will get warmer for us to sail through, just fine. My day has been about arrival of this new season, the challenges and opportunities it has bestowed upon us. I love how nature keeps reminding us that change is so important and inevitable too. I hope you had a great day, I sure did. Toodles!

  • Appreciating

    Appreciating this beauty as it keeps me warmer this winters.
    It is amusing and amazing how we realise the value of warmth when it’s freezing cold and the value of chills when it is burning hot. We seldom realise or appreciate things or people enough when they are right there with or for us. It is a strange how humans have an innate habit of taking what they get easily for granted. Let’s change that habit maybe? Tell the ones who are right here for, and with you as to how much you love, appreciate and value them. Cherish things, opportunities and people as they come by and halt in your lives. Hope you had a great day.

  • Passengers

    I did enjoy it when I saw it, it was all wrong but too much of a space fantasy for that to matter so much.五

    In short, a spaceship full of settlers who are in a sort of cryosleep runs into a meteor shower and one of the pods opens early. Out pops Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and hes all alone. In despair, after a full year of moping around the giant ship, getting drunk and growing a beard, he decides to wake up Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) because hes fallen in love. Shes none too happy about this when she finds out, but they later kiss and make up and apparently live happily ever after.

    Since theyre the two prettiest passengers on the ship it was destiny that they pair off. This leads to the ultimate romantic-getaway fantasy in space: a life spent in luxury, six-star accommodations, wearing designer outfits whenever you feel like it, with machines doing all the laundry and generally keeping the place glitteringly spic and span.歹

  • Drop The Pink Elephant

    One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.

    QOTD : What’s your favourite opening of a novel?

    ~Drop The Pink Elephant
    This whole book is dedicated to selecting the right words. A Pink Elephant is an unnecessary and negatives which only draw attention to the very thing that you want to avoid. You should tell what you are, instead of what you’re not. If you get the right words, your foundations are strong. Your tone should matches your words. Right tone can be difficult because we often have to fight emotions that can make us feel negative. To convince a person what actually matters is your body language as it plays 55% of the whole process whether your words and your tone stands on 7% and 38% respectively. Your body language wins over tone & words. Strongest element of body language is good eye contact. You should be genuinely interested when you are talking to someone. If someone takes an interest in your life, you feel inclined to take an interest in theirs. And to be genuinely interested, you should be a great listener. One of the greatest compliment anybody can pay you is to tell you that you are a great listener. Listening others and asking questions becomes easy when you make it a habit.
    So, avoid using the Pink Elephant.
    Thank you for making it a foreword @eamonnholmes

  • Sunday

    It was a time when we were like a passenger still we are but atleast stepping a little forward. We don’t know each other, still we are not. Our mode of communication is basically, just a passing of a good smile. I don’t exactly know the date but yes they were two when he came to notice in my eyes and from that day I was like… how he looks like when he smiles?…but after a decade (few days) I saw him smiling and to be very honest he seems very natural…omg I don’t know what I’m writing. Sitting beside the same person and don’t even exchange a message is a big thing .. isn’t it? I think it’s so because many others know him so well. As I’m not an introvert kind of person but don’t know why there’s no urge to ask anything or to share anything with him. What the first and the last thing we have a talk about was relevant to the seat and the window…do anyone of you have ever? Well I don’t know why I’m writing all these but as I like to observe or I like to pen down it too. And yes.. when I saw him smiling for the very first time I was like I really wanted to see your full face but unfortunately I can’t.. because nothing can’t be more embarrassing than this..to not to look but to stare someone’s smiling face. As it’s about Sunday so will write as got to know him more.

  • Musings

    It’s 11:11 and I’m in my bed with some wants in my head. I want to see a moon and the sky full of stars with the sound of silence. I want to see everything which is visible only at dark. Even it’s when I hate dark.

  • Reminder

    Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

  • Heeriye

    Imagine yourself with him
    Imagine the happy you by looking to his face in the morning
    Imagine when you are sad and everything gets disappear just by his presence
    Imagine the trembling you by his touch
    Imagine his whispering voice around your ear
    Imagine that relaxing you when he hugs you
    Imagine you in his arms
    Imagine that haphazardly eye contact
    Imagine him with full of surprises
    Imagine that gestures and compliments when you expect them the least
    Imagine his care and warmth
    Imagine his effortless love
    Imagine your life with him
    Imagine just imagine whatever you can …. because there are no boundaries *-*

    I see each dream of life in the reflection of your eyes, sweetheart!! The love of mine is a mad story to tell.


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